We carry several different styles of flooring in stock:

  • Solids - This refers to traditional hardwood flooring of solid wood boards.  Proper installation requires a plywood subfloor, but the result is beautiful.  Solid floors can be installed as a prefinished product or a site finished product and can be refinished.  Goodfellow, Mistral, Preverco, and Satin Finish supply this type of product.  
  • Engineered - Engineered floors have a solid wood veneer laid over top a plywood base, maying it look just like a Solid floor.  This is an excellent choice for floating floors or rooms with no additional subfloor, but can be used in practically any room.  Engineered floors can be refinished.  Goodfellow, Preverco, and Satin Finish supply this product.
  • Parquet - Parquet tiles form a goemetric pattern when installed.  They are usually 3/8 " thick and available as a prefinished or site finished product.  Parquet is a glue down, meaning that they can be installed in almost any room.  Parquet can usually be refinished.  Satin Finish supplies this product.   Laminate - Laminate flooring is a composite material generally made of wood.  The material is very hard and can be installed in practically any room. 
  • Laminate floors cannot be refinished and has the same difficulties with water as regular wood.  Laminate can come in varied patterns, including a natural wood look or a ceramic tile look.  Goodfellow, Hercules, and Tarkett supply this product.  
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